ini puisi favorit gue

yay, i found this one like 7 years ago. my friend in YPM showed me a poem book by Ilham Malayu then i read this one and suddenly fell in love with it. I’ve tried to find the book in many bookstores but still couldnt find any. If any guys found the book with the title “Spring on the calendar, autumn in my heart” by Ilham Malayu, published in 1954, please tell me 🙂

so here’s the poem..

In the darkness I see light

In light I’m alone

Alone I feel sad

In sadness I fell lonely

This kind of loneliness I don’t like

What I like I don’t have

What I’ve had I don’t like

In what I have there’s not you

Where you are I don’t know

In what I know people don’t see

In what they see I see illusion

What I want is very simple

Truth…and nothing but the truth

I doubted you

I’m still in doubt

As there should be only

One in a million, in this distracting sea of life,

to be met, to be found and to be loved forever…

In doubt,

In this emptyness of solitude

I want you…


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