the world of my own

lately i realized that something has changed within me. I’m getting more and more “alone”. Not telling you that i dont have any social life, but it seems i enjoy wandering alone in my thoughts. It’s kinda difficult to stay listening on conversations (especially when people talking about uninteresting subjects, in french, speaking loud and fast). I maybe listen for 5 minutes, and then get lost. I’m lost in the world of my own. And sometimes people’s presence annoys me. Some people, not every people. I still love being among my friends.

Am i being authistic? It’s like i’m not living in the real world. Although i have social life,i have to admit that most of my life is pretty mush about the internet, facebook and my blogs. I found out that i spend most of my times wondering what to write on my blog post. Weird isnt it? I’m becoming more and more solitaire. I dont know why. I’m not normal.

But i do have life outside, and back home in Jakarta.
I love blabbering around and laughing out loud. Outside.
This house depressed the hell out of me.
I need my friends.



One thought on “the world of my own

  1. It’s just some phase..some normal phase that all of us had to pass..I’ve been there before, I thought too much about what should I write and unimportant stuff like that and I didn’t like being around people, I just want some time alone, I felt alone even when I’m around people..
    but I passed that phase..somehow.I don’t know how.


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