bright sunshine and i’m all burned

iya ibu itu topless haha

i went to the ‘beach’ of Lac Leman on Wednesday. actually the beach is not a real beach. it’s just the lakeside and there are some pools, nevertheless that’s called a beach here. I finished school at 10, took the bus, and walked down to the lakeside. Then i arrived at the beach, paid the entrance fee, and walked around. it was my first time, so i was pretty much like a tourist. okay bref. than i swam for a moment, bought a super-expensive-panini (I should have brought my own sandwich!) bcos i was starving. then i sat on the ground. nope, i didn’t want to have a suntan, I’m black enough you know. so i spent like one hour sitting doing nothing, seeing Switzerland afar, and then went home.

nah, the weird thing is i met my French teacher there. she was lying on the grass wearing swimming suit and eating apple. not that teachers are not allowed to swim, but it was just weird. i mean, you dont picture your teacher in a swimming suit and lying on the grass, do you? thank god it’s france. i couldnt imagine seeing my indonesian teachers doing the same thing, it’d be awkward.

then when i was sitting back in the ground, i turned my head and see two nudists. two topless old ladies. i bet you’ve heard that French beaches are full of nudists. i didn’t expect old ladies to be nudists (okay they still wore thongs), it was just weird seeing breasts being shown around. i told chantelle about these things and she said that she probably wont come to the beach, it’s gross. but well there’s a good thing, the pool guard was smokin’ hot. yay. we’ll go there next week maybe. anyway overall the beach was awesome, the scenery and ambiance you’ll love it ๐Ÿ™‚

okay that’s all. now I’m sitting on the window, hoping for a wifi ( i take the neighbor’s wifi connection lol), and actually skipping class. i don’t have French class today, and i wag my physics class bcos there’s a test (i can only come for 2 times per week, so i couldn’t do much either. my schedule’s a mess.) my next class is at 14h, still have plenty of time ๐Ÿ™‚

bonne journee!

ps. untungnya sekolah disini gratis. jadi ga ada yang protes “udah disekolahin mahal-mahal juga!” haha


3 thoughts on “bright sunshine and i’m all burned

  1. Adel.Did I tell you that I’m having some problem with this France language in your blog?

    Wow! BEACH!!!! There’s no freakin beach around Utah, which is sucks..well there’s a lake..
    Anyway.Yeah I agree that’ll be awkward seeing Pak Razik or Frau Wuri lying in the grass with their swimsuit..HAHAHAHA.

    Eh!You kidding me? I wouldn’t want to see some old grandma’s boobs.Thats just gross..


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