lovey dovey thingy anyone?

last night around midnight i was still texting with my friend, then suddenly i realized that i haven’t done this kinda stuff since a long time. not sending message on the cellphone, but texting my friends just to have fun or just to talk about random things to escape from some boring moments. I’ve just realized these past three years i was too focused on my bf. not that i didn’t have friends or girlfriends, but i think my favorite subject to talk about with them was my bf, like all the time i talked about the lovey dovey thingy. and yeah, i could send like 200 messages a day to my bf. weird, huh?

okay so last months i broke up with my bf for like 2,5 years (and surprise surprise now he has a new girlfriend- hey I’m not supposed to be gossiping around about him, right?) and hey it’s already a month? wow time goes really fast! okay back to topic, after that broken heart phase, now I’m already okay, gosh I’m so doing fine. jack johnson was right, you cant stop wishing if you cant let go 😉 The good thing is, i dunno how, I’ve found some friends, and really I’m not the old mellow yellow adelia I’ve became these past 1 year. it’s like… umm, free?

i can chat with anybody, i can go online every time i want. there’s nobody jealous of me or telling me not to get too close with my bffs which happened to be boys. and it’s just fun that i can send messages to my friends not for telling them my love story but just to get busy and laugh over some random things like the dull French class. yay the main thing is i can now open my eyes and mind for like everything. yeah like i said before, it’s like being free.

not that i say i’ve had a bad relationship with a bad man, i think it’s just me who took things too seriously and forgot about other things which actually are interesting. yeah someone was right about moving on, and maybe we just weren’t made for each other. and i’m not saying that being in a relationship is a bad thing, no, i’m not scared of falling in love and having a relationship again, well maybe not now, but the thing is maybe getting too serious is not a good idea. after all, i’m still young, eighteen years old is still a long way to get married, right? ;p

and now i wonder, hey why was i scared being single? yeah kinda abstract, i think i was too dependent that time, not by the status but by the person. maybe i was scared nobody would like me except him, ah silly me i forgot about my bunch of fellas. okay the big thing is i’m not alone, i’ll never be alone. and well now even though i wont be seeing that particular guy at the airport when i arrived in jakarta, or maybe i’ll never meet him again, it’ll all be fine. i’m out of that love, and i still have plenty of loves from my family and friends, and who knows what will happen next right? lol ❤


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