i should’ve posted this one yesterday

i went to school this morning wearing my favourite skirt, blue top, and my prettiest shoes. it was cloudy all day, and a lil bit windy. great. i was almost dying of the heat these past days. and after school it was raining. i got off the bus and walked home, the rain was kinda hard. i was all wet. my shoes are wet too. but i love rain. suddenly i wanted to cry. no, i wasnt sad. it’s just crying in the rain seems soo dramatic like in movies. okay i know it’s weird. i’m weird and i love dramatic things. i even throwed the K part of my necklace to the lake just to make it dramatic if i ever tell it to people, well i did that because i want to get rid of that part also. i wish i could throw that thing into the Seine river, it’d sound better and more dramatic. haha. anyway i still have the A part of the necklace eventhough i’m not wearing it at the moment. However, i dont post this one to tell you about my strange attitude but i want to share some of my random shots.



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