so i have these two blogs..

why did i make two blogs? it’s just bcos i found out that Blogspot is more ‘open’ and people who dont have a blog still can leave a comment. But i cant just leave my Multiply one since i have many contacts and they seem to be a kind of family for me. So i decided to have two blogs. And now i realize that it’s kinda difficult to maintain both of them. I love the layouts and features of Blogspot but I still prefer my Multiply, since there are always some people who give comments at anything i wrote. So finally i decided to split these two blogs, i will write my random thoughts and else in two languages (or maybe i should start to use french or italian as well? lol). I’ll post my indonesian notes in Multiply, and also some post that i need to hear some comments or suggestion about it. And for this site, i’ll write something random in english, or maybe french if possible (lol) well except for those memoirs thingy that i’ve been posting (will still be going on, i still have like 5 parts of it hehe) it’ll be in indonesian.

So feel free to open the link on the down left tab, the one titled “Salve! Mi Chiamo Adelia!” that’s my other blog 🙂



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