4 juin 2009

remember the hot guy i’ve mentioned yesterday? today he was sitting infront of my table at canteen. oh my gosh i couldnt think, i was panicking he was just soooo gorgeous. seriously. eventhough he has a big tendency to be a gay. and i guess his gf (i hope she’s not his gf! lol) knows that there’a a strange and weird indonesian girl who is crazy about this boy. yeah whatever.yeah, thats him on the pic. i know im such a pathetic stalker haha

anyway, i saw a pretty dress, peach with ruffles. so sweet. i hope my mum will let me use it to the prom bcos its kinda ‘open’ i mean it’s a sleeveless dress. but soooo pretty. and i saw a nice pump heels too. i havent bought any. i’m still thinking. anyway i have silver heels at home, i dunno if it’ll match the peach dress. if they match, maybe i’ll buy that dress.

And i did my DELF test too. easy. i thought it’ll be full of grammars bah. i’ll take the level B1 and B2 when i come home.

thats all xoxoxoxo


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