che casino!

i was going to post something on my blog when i realized that my folder containing all my writings are gone. DISPARU. ILANG. man! i have the 10 pages of my french year memoir and a story that i’ve been working on since 2008 (i had it like 50 pages) and theyre GONE now. and no, i dont have any backups. ARGH.

anw, i had Jacky Day today, it was a lot of fun! and i saw that hot guy, he wore an old lady dress and still put a hat and another Louis Vitton bag (i wonder how many LV bags he has, since he use them almost everyday to school) and then i saw him wearing a normal glasses, with rectangle lenses, that guy couldnt be any hotter trust me.

lots to tell, but i cant write right now, i’m too pissed off. seriously. I wrote my stories with all those details about UK and EU and else, and theyre gone. merde

see ya
i hope i could find where my data has gone 😦


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