j’en ai marre.

okay i’m just fed up with everybody saying “hey adelia, you look so fat” and things like that. HEY i know my body better than you all, so dont worry, i do know that i’m as fat as winnie the pooh. do you think that i dont care? youre so wrong. i’m trying my best to lose these friggin kilos, but it’s not easy! can people just shut their mouth up? i mean its okay when one or to people say that, but not everybody! i’m sick of it.

and i wonder, nobody ever complained about how fat their already-big friends. maybe if i weighed 80 kilos from the start, nobody would ever mentioned these nagging things to me. ive never been skinny though. i wish i could be anorexic or bulimic.

better, i wish i could stay here forever where my friends never asked me how many kilos ive gained and accept me the way i am no matter how huge i look or how many shits i blabber all day.


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