these few last days..

.. were pretty sad and amazing on the same time

After Jacky Day (where we can wear anything to school, and obviously we made such a mess at school) school was unofficialy ended, we didnt have many lessons left, and most student didnt come to school. I did, tho. I had classes, it was just like the other days. On wednesday me and my classmates did a kind of picnic with cookies and LOTS of cherries, then Thursday we went to the cinema watching a spanish movie from the Cannes Festival with Penelope Cruz in it. Weird movie, it was long and seemed to be never ending, and it had many naked and sex scenes too. bah. Then Friday we went to the park, and did another picnic. It was really nice, even though i got seriously tanned.
So friday was the last day at school. i thought i wouldnt cry- i didnt think i could even feel sad. but then i was wrong. i did cry. i hugged my friends, my classmates. i was really close to tears only last italian class when my teacher looked at me in the eyes and told me that it has been a great year with me, and that she thinks that i’m such a nice student. gosh no teacher ever told me that way. and later on me and my friends sat on the bench until 5pm, just doing nothing and cherishing the moment. then i went to the school ball, met some other friends, danced and talked. although there wasnt may people (only like 200 peep) it was pretty nice (and my hot guy wasnt there. anw, i KNOW his NAME. great. it’s Paul). the bands are pretty lame, but the dj made it okay. then i went home at midnight and before that i hugged my friends that i thought i couldnt meet again, like Sonia and Nils and else. fuh i hate saying goodbye.


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