Mon Gateau tout chocolat ♥

Finally, i made a cake on my own, seriously! And it turned out to be good too! I havent tried it, but it smelled just sooo good. I’ll eat it tonight. And here’s the recipe ( i took it from a website and made some changes :p )

Gateau tout chocolat 🙂
for 6 persons

200 gr cooking chocolate
6 eggs
150 gr butter
100 gr flour
150 gr sugar

1. Switch on the oven to heat it (on scale 1-10, put on 6. or 200 celcius)
2. Melt the chocolate (if possible au bain marie: put it on a bowl and put the bowl in boiling water. But normal way would do good also)
3. Add butter and mix well.
4. In a big bowl or whatever, mix the eggs, sugar, and after the flour. Add the chocolate fondu, and stir well to make a homogene paste.
5. Put the paste on a mold (apply some butter and flour before, so the cake wont be sticky)
6. Bake it for 25-30 minutes.

Enjoy 🙂 I havent taken a pic of my cake, I’ll post it after. But for now, i have a barbecue party to attend!


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