A Tribute to Jacko

Yeah i know it is late, he died last Thursday and it’s Sunday today. But let me pay a tribute to world’s biggest star: Michael Joe Jackson. Despite his weird behaviors and stuff, i admit that he was such a great person. I mean, he did influence two or three generations, right? Few years ago, when Justin Timberlake started his solo career, my dad saw his clip and said “Ah, another Jacko wannabe, he’s just too influenced by Jacko”. It was just right, in fact is there any musician (or ordinary modern music enjoyers) who isnt influenced by the King of Pop?

What i like the most about Jacko’s songs is not the touching lyrics (that’s the second reason, however) but how we can sing well his songs (you know there are some songs that only the real singer can sing) however only the King himself can give the great “Jacko” effect, like his own style. Okay, maybe you cant understand my random words, anyway i just wanna say, Jacko you are wonderful. And in spite what we said about you about your controversy and else, we do love you, and it is a big loss losing you.

And here’s my top 10 favourite Michael jackson’s song:
You are not alone
Remember the time
Pretty Young Thing
Heal the world
We are the world
Never can say goodbye
I want you back (Jackson 5)
Black or White
Human Nature

Rest in peace, dear King of Pop. You’ll always be in our heart.


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