I know i should study now…

but instead of studying i choose to read MANY chicklits (when i say many, it really means a LOT). Ive read The Darren Shan saga (5-12), The Vampire Diaries (1-5), all Dan Brown’s, Jinx, Jemima J, Mr.Maybe, Swapping Lives, and many else. Ive just finished Avalon High and The Boy Next Door and Size 12 is Not Fat. I should really stop this, i know. I read them all in English, and most of them are in British English. Good thing i could know some really-british-terms. Bad thing i speak less and less french i’m afraid i’m forgetting it now. But i cant stop, chicklits are addicting! (and pretty depressing if you’re singe and seem to be having no luck in lovelife at the time being, like me) I wish i could be like Jemima Jones who lost 8 sizes, or Jean who has a gorgeous neighbor/boyfriend, or Melissa Fuller who has such an adorable and extremely rich fiance. Okay i know, i should stop. Stop it adelia!

And to complete this post, here is the top songs in my playlist

No Boundaries by Adam Lambert or Kris Allen. Both of them sing the song awesomely. And like all the winning songs, i love the lyrics.
Smilin’ by Pascale Piccard. Youre definitely gonna love this one!
Sunday with a Flu by Yodelice. Good one, and laugh at the lyrics :p
Heartless by Kris Allen. He is a genius or what? Love his version! musta hear!
Wake Up by Sliimy. He’s French Mika, and i’m just wondering whether he’s gone worldwide or not. Really nice single, though.
Sempurna by Vierra. No need to ask, you all know i adore Kevin Aprilio’s piano play.
Private Affairs by The Virgins
You are not Alone by Michael Sarver. not the Jacko version, but this one is really good.
You Found Me by Matt Giraud. Definitely much better that the original one.
Endless Love by Danny Gokey. jadi pengen kondangan.

Ps. I know most of it are American Idol thingies. Yeah, i’m still under that influence of American Idol. And yes i still adore Adam Lambert (and my highschool hotguy looks like him!), Kris Allen, and Danny Gokey. You cant blame me, those american idol versions sometimes are better than the original ones.


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