Facebook status on July 1st 2009

“Adelia Putri misses that feeling of having a major crush.”

No, i dont mean that feeling of having someone as your bf or dating someone. Well, yes, but that’s not what i mean. What i mean is that silly feeling when you have a crush on someone(s), how suddenly there are butterflies in your stomach and your cheeks are flushing. Yeah, being in the L thing.

I’m single now, like totally single, not dating, sms-ing, being close or whatever with any guy. And before you say anything, i tell you one thing, NO, I’m not complaining about being single nor i’m in an urgent need of a guy nor I basically need someone to fancy me. Nope. It’s just i’ve never been really out of love, like totally empty, plain, even not having little fling or crush or lust with anybody for months. It’s kinda weird, i mean i kinda miss that rush on my blood or that silly blush. I just miss that feeling. My life’s kinda flat these days, because of this silly thingy? i dunno. But yeah, it’s flat. No jolt, no rush, no flush or blush. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just flat. Well, boring.

And before you think that i’m a pschyco girl who loves being surrounded by admirers, nah you’re wrong. I’m not goodlooking enough to be that kind of girl.

(And dont ask about that Paul guy i’ve been stalking on. That guy doesnt even know me. Do i intend to hop in front of him and introduce myself? No way. He knows that I’m that strange Asian who always gazes on him. How can i be creepier? But i miss seeing him around in school, stalking him made my schooldays more interesting. However, chances i’m never gonna see him anymore. I’m leaving Thonon next week.)


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