Hey dudes and dudettes!
Its been a super long time since my last post. Not that i dont wanna write anything, its just that the internet connection here is soo slow and annoying it makes me lazy to type, and i cant stand tying long paragraphs from my cell.

So my life has just begun (again) in the same old place but different surroundings. Ive started my 4th year of highschool back in SMA 8. Things are pretty good in school, i have some friends, my class is a blast, i love my fellow returnees, the lessons are still as crazy as always, well like ive said, its all okay. There are also some things that are pretty annoying for me, things that they call as Culture Shock. So many things are different from what we have back in France. Like how teachers mind about simple random things on their students, and the negative attitude that spreads throughout the school element, i dunno, am i just being to witty or its just the way it is in indonesia?

See, i cant share my opinions without looking like a snob who has been abroad. But yeah its all different here and there. My seniors are right, my real adventure begins not when i’m abroad but when i’m back in my natural country. Adapting will be harder here. Hope it’ll be a blast too like last year.

Anywhoo. I dont think i can write as many as before. Senior year is pretty crazy, especially when you werent studying hard last year and go travelling instead lol. And i have to prepare for my SAT and TOEFL, i wanna go to Singapore Management University next year (wish me luck!) and also i have to study for UAN and SIMAK thingies because i’m scared that SMU is like too far away to reach. But i can already see myself living in spore next August :p Crossing Fingers! Last reason why i dont think i cant write like i did last year, i dont think my life has as much drama as last year. I have had enough drama for my adolescence years. Time to be an adult, i’m eighteen and its quite old (esp. im surrounded by sixteens and seventeens) I’d prefer to focus on SAT Vocabs than silly love stories like i did last year 🙂 (But yeah, im still single and searching lol)

Okay, i gotta stop blabbering.
See ya!


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