Bongkar bongkar dan saya menemukan ini

So i found my old binder from my 10th grade (which was like hundreds years ago) and i found some poetry-thingies inside it. And since that I’m not in a mood to do anything useful, I’m just gonna post them here.

How can i stop spilling my heart for you
when your name flies in my thoughts
every time i try to get you out of my mind?

How can i just walk away and pretend that you’re nothing to me
when you are the oxygen that i breathe in?

How can i easily say that i don’t even remember how your voice sounds
when your voice, somehow, always fulfills
my hearing and my head?

So tell me, after all of this, how could I?
And of course, how could YOU?
You just walk. And go. And talk.

Don’t you know that I wanna yell right on your ear:
Do you notice that I’m gone?
Do you notice that this isn’t I should be?
Do you notice that it’s you who broke me down like that?

But this has gone too far away.
Guess it’s really time to sing Auld Lang Syne.
Satisfied, aren’t you?

Dan oke, saya tau ini puisi fraktura hepatica (patah hati, literally) banget. Dan entah terdengar sangat emo-depressing. Sudahlah.


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