a way back home from the airport

Airports always give me impressions. Plus flashback. I remember my departure two years ago, my arrival, my trip to spore with boyfie, my friends’ departures, and many more. This time, it reminds me how life was to me: exciting.

A close friend of mine, icha, is going to Japan today, and also I happened to meet two others. And it strikes me, again, the thought that life supposed to be exciting. I couldve had a better living today, I couldve been way happier.

“Del, you couldve been one of us, leaving for Japan.”
“Yeah, Cha, I know. Nyesel knp dulu gue ngga ikutan daftar batch terakhir.”

Now my days are pretty much about regret. Sad, I know. I regret the fact that I didn’t even try to apply with Icha, I regret the fact that I wasn’t optimistic enough with Singapore, I regret the fact that I can’t help myself to be happy.

Maybe I’m just in a bad phase of life. I don’t know. One thing fosho’, I need to be happy.



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