Everything comes for a reason, they said.

Back in 08-09 (YES I CANT STOP COMPARING THAT YR TO ANY EVENT IN MY CURRENT LIFE), I had an exchange year. I didn’t know what exactly I was looking for. Well, I knew that I didn’t wanna be like others (meaning I wanted to be/have something special compared to other kids- so I took “the road less traveled“). I knew that France had always been a big dream of mine, so it was kinda dream-fulfilling thing to do. I knew that I wanted to speak other languages. I knew those things back then, but those things were actually the small things, not the ultimate goals. So yeah, I actually didn’t know the big reason why i took that road (well, being accepted was god’s big plan and blessing, but applying for it was a crazy? random? or just typical? move). But then again, after a year of ups and downs and also questioning what-the-hell-im-doing-here, i found so many things that I didn’t even know I needed, answers to questions I never knew I wondered about. And It was great. A true meaning of life changing. (I’m gonna stop here. Check out my old multiply blog if you wanna know my old exchange stories, even though Idk why you would.)
Another round, another quest:Singapore, 2012.
Got another chance to go on exchange program. Singapore it is, only 1hr flight from jakarta. A typical indonesians’ getaway. I thank god for the chance, yet I’m struggling with the same old question: what am I trying to find here?
a payback, since I was rejected by NTU and SMU back in 2010?
a semester long break?
– a challenge that I cannot find in UI?
– a proof that I am good enough for this?
– another life changing experience? (Not really expecting it, I’m pretty satisfied w/ my french year as the life changing one. However, one cannot have many life changing events, rite? Otherwise it won’t be as ‘life changing’ as it should be.)
college life that I can finally fit in? (With the competitive atmosphere, opportunities, and working culture)
–  a humbling experience? (That’s probably it. I need this one.)
a chance to be a better version of me? (Being alone in random place does bring out the best qualities in you.)
– to be thankful? (4weeks and I’m already feeling grateful w/ life back in jakarta and in france-with the friends and places and ppl)
another round of finding out what to do next and where to do it?
Well, everything has its own time to come. It’s only been a month, and I’m sure I’m gonna figure those thing out in time. One thing for sure, exchange is always a festivity. No matter how near it is. And even when it doesn’t involve cool traveling moments.

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