Ambitions, Ambitions.

Finding new ambitions, something to go for, is exciting.
(the quote doesn’t match the list, but it makes the pic looks smarter)

They say that you have to write down what you want in life so you’ll remember it better. They also say that telling people about your goals and ambition is necessary, so people will nag you along the way – to remind you what your goals are and whether you have achieved them.
This past few days i just found some new goals and it excites me a lot. I mean, finding new purposes in life is exhilarating, isn’t it? Well, actually i just renew my 5 year plan into some more specific and well, tangible, goals. I had this dream of being someone like Giuliana Rancic, with the ultra cool job, inspiring life story, and well, Bill Rancic by her side. But then again, I should have a back up plan. I mean, what are the odds for me to get a job in E! channel as a presenter? I am still hoping for that tho, since i’m a believer of those positive thinking things. But yeah, i should have a back up plan, as great as the other one, but well, more tangible. 
So.. I just decided to try for Cornell or Sciences Po for grad school. I know I can (positive attitude ftw) and since I’ve declared it here, i will try hard to get it, and you guys can bother me along the way, and ask me whether I’m doing the right thing to get to that school. And please do.
In 2 or 3 years, please come to me, anyone, and ask me again whether I’m getting closer to that path. And even if you’re nice enough to ask me that questions, like, once in several months, that would be even better. A constant reminder, no matter how annoying it is, is necessary. So, feel free to nag me. 
That’s all for now. Well, for this post. I still have random things to post.
La fille avec bcp des ambitions.

“Why do you do this?”
” Well, I just want to prove that i am good enough for this..”
“Of course you’re good enough!”
“And what’s your ambition in here?”
( A piece of conversation with Tommy Tjokro, May 2012. My favorite part.)

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