Look what i found in my research class

Those two are taken from a real psychology journal. Well, maybe it is possible to measure love. But the again, as seen above, love and liking scale items are different. You know, it’s like in one of those twilight book (am i seriously taking that as a reference?) Bella said “I love you but i’m not in love with you” thing. So maybe you wanna give it a shot. Maybe you’ll find yourself saying “oh, okay then”, or maybe “oh, shit.” 
Anyway, my research class is so cool, it has provided me these kind of random stuff, my prof knows Gangnam Style, and tutorials are made fun. Another reason to love this place- and oh, the Communication and New Media dept actually rank the 3rd best comm school in the world. Say what!
Anw, watch out for other weird stuff from my classes.
Ciao ciao.


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