The stoner has a good point

Yep, that guy from Harold and Kumar (who actually is a political activist too). He’s not stoned, and the speech is really good. No difficult and big words or advice, yet inspiring -in his own way.
Enjoy your journey, especially as you’re doing things that you don’t entirely wanna do. And talk to people who disagree with you. Their perspective might change your mind for the better…. that does not mean you have to be that annoying person that says ‘everything happens for a reason!’. Everything does not happen for a reason. Sometimes really terrible things happen, and sometimes there’s no reason. Sometimes amazing things also happen and there’s no reason either. I think that’s the beauty in the magic of life.”
“It’s okay if your interests change, and people call you crazy….. Happiness can come from something other than financial security…. People might call you crazy, and that’s not a bad thing. I’ve never had a friend who was called crazy who didn’t do something awesome. They struggled, but they did something awesome..”
“Take risks, because i think you only really fail when you choose to give up… You should move to a city that freaks you out, you should take a job that you’re nervous about taking… So if you wanna do something in you enjoy doing it, just don’t give up. Take risks, because you only really fail when you choose to give up.”
“So as you grab your fake diploma, the important thing to take with you, in my humble opinion, is the notion of endless possibility…. I hope you wear your craziness as a badge of honors. I hope you define success for yourselves… Go do crazy things, go do them with a smile.

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