Well maybe, just maybe…

Lately some of my friends got engaged or married. I’m happy for them, but i cant help thinking about their decision to settle down this fast. Well, 20-something is not that young, but still, how do you make yourself sure about that life changing decision you’re about to make? I personally still doubt the concept of marriage, about living with someone for the rest of your life, having to deal with anything that may come, and of course, choosing the right one to undergo the journey together. Once again, how can you make yourself sure that he/she is the right choice? That everything’s gonna be alright?
Moreover, i personally still don’t get the idea of getting married young. I mean, you’re young, you have to have many ambitions and random stuff to do on your list: from climbing Eiffel Tower to getting a PhD; from going on an eat-pray-love trip to winning a beauty pageant. Many things. I cant help but thinking that having a family and such commitment will bar you from doing what you really wanna do. For example, you can hardly take your hubby to USA, making him follow you there while you’re doing your PhD research, right? (Well, that more likely happens to girls. Other things around will be different.) Why you wanna stop dreaming and complicate your way towards your life goal? I still don’t get it. Maybe i am naive. Maybe i am just that selfish.
Some random thoughts last night.
I had trouble sleeping last night, and I just came to these series of thoughts. I somehow imagined if a celebrity suddenly appears in my life, and then we date for several months, and then ask me to marry him.. what would I say? Just say, it’s Ian Somelhalder. Much older than I am, a kind gentleman, hot as hell, and well, rich. I’d probably say yes, no matter the consequences are. And then it hit me. I’d do such thing for a guy that i dont know (lie- i know many things about this guy lol), why wouldnt other people do the same for their loved ones? Well, maybe, just maybe, when you love someone so much, you’d do anything just to be with the person, and you’ll be willing to leave anything behind, including your ambitions. Maybe. That’s as much as I can get to understand my friends. I know I’m such a selfish brat, so I dont think I know better on this stuff.

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