The two sided words

I’m big on quotes. Later on, i came to realization that there are always opposite sides of those quotes. Always. you know that saying of “if you loved me, you wouldn’t have let me go” and “if you love me, you’ll let me go and be happy”? dammit. which one is the right one? it’s like you can never get the answer of your question from those words. or maybe there are always two sides of every condition i don’t know. it’s like deciding whether to move on or not: whether you should let go of your loved one so they’ll be happy, or you should chase what is ‘rightfully’ yours. confusing, right? or another case, whether you have to “wait for someone who love you for who you really are” or “do a diet and makeover and go get the guy”. This is almost as confusing as choosing which shoes to buy when you only have the budget for one pair. (kidding. buy both. suffer until the end of the month. be poor and happy).

i wanted to write something else, not this, but then i forgot what i wanted to write initially.
problem with my goldfish memory.



One thought on “The two sided words

  1. if you loved me, you wouldn't have let me go”


    “if you love me, you'll let me go and be happy”? dammit. which one is the right one?

    da first is real one. deep inside of his heart. (man)

    and description that the way he love to is never like cage love. you know. there is lot of people who love cat and cage it. the way he love is free. and humble.

    the second. that man realize that love without meet is kind of disease. lol poor guy.

    ehm. then he let the girl be free and that man hope if ever the girl love him back. he needs time to appear as a romeo. basically cost a year. haha Ask me on it would be fun. i like the way you honest though..


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