Forever, you say?

Remember in middle school you had one friend or several friends and you were inseparable throughout the years? And then high school happened, you found some other friends to hang out with and inevitably left the ones you had before. And then college happened. And so on.

Yes, life goes on. Yes, people come and go but only the ones that really matter stay. I know that very well.

I was just looking at old pictures and stories, seeing faces that once were labelled “BFF” – Best Friend Forever. It’s funny that the ones that the people you called BFF ended up to be the ones that you never really speak to again. It’s funny that the used to be day-to-day catching up sessions are replaced by seeing each other’s posts on social media. It’s funny that we were so easy to call someone(s) BFF, and just in one or two years, we have no idea what’s going on with each other’s life.

What’s with the term “forever”? How could we be so sure about the long-lasting aspect of a relationship? Was it just a hope? Was it a plan? Tsk.

But maybe then again life is just trying to show us which ones that we can be certain of.

Maybe the term “forever” is too romantic. Maybe the most important thing is to appreciate what we have now.

For now, I am lucky to have good people surrounding me and I’m deeply grateful for their presence. I’m having a good relationship with my family (thank god the puberty vs menopause time is finally over); my partner-in-crimes are the best that i can hope for; new found friends that are only a group chat away; nice people in my internship place; the crush -oops-; and so on.

I wont worry about what future has in store for my relationships and friendships. This time, maybe it’s best to follow what someone once told me: good relationship doesn’t just happen, you need to work on it; and never-never take things for granted. Then maybe, just maybe, forever can happen.

Toodles xx


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