Midsummer Nonsense

Jakarta. There’s something about mid summer. Maybe the free time it provides lets us to have more time to rethink about things that we never had time to think. Maybe the adventures it lets us to enjoy give a chance for us to make peace with whatever fight is happening inside our brain. Maybe it’s the sunshine – or in today’s case, the everlasting rain- gives a calming effect. There’s always something about mid summer.
One midsummer, I found myself wanting something more, something bigger than what i accustomed to.  One midsummer, I was on a flight, getting ready for an adventure to begin. Another midsummer, I met people who later become part of my support system.
This mid summer, I find myself enjoying what I’m doing and starting to think to change lanes. Also, this midsummer, I am blessed to know some new people that teach me so many things – from how to write real stuff to how important it is to stand for what you believe in.
There might be no blossoming flowers nor new stamps on my passport in this midsummer. There might be an unreciprocated feeling happening this midsummer. There might even be confusion about future plans. But things are as good as it might be. My midsummer has been as enlightening as always.
As the end of summer draws nearer (well, with the climate change, I don’t know if we even still have seasons), I can only hope things will get even better, and the upcoming fall semester will bring good things, good changes and clearer pathways.
For now, I can only enjoy the sunshine and the rain (j’adore la pluie!!). I hope you too have a good midsummer!


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