Hold On To Sixteen

Hold on to sixteen,
Where dreams and hopes can go as high and as wild as you can imagine,
Where falling in love is not a calculated move but rather an inevitable act,
Where we laugh and giggle all day long,
Where making mistakes is inevitable yet forgettable and forgivable,
Where numbers cant define who you are or what you’re gonna be,
Where sparks of life are everywhere,
Where we’re so young we cant even imagine being old and lame.

Hold on to sixteen.
Remember how it feels to gossip in the school hallways with your best friends,
Remember how it feels to have a crush on someone who is out of your league,
Remember how it feels to go through puberty, or in some cases, your mum’s second one,
Remember how it feels to survive all the mess,
Remember how courageous you once were to get whatever you want.
Remember how great you felt when you were sixteen.

Hold on to sixteen
We are so busy growing up and growing up,
We forget how it feels like  to be free
To worry about almost nothing,
To not take mundane things for granted,
To appreciate the simple joys in life.

Hold on to sixteen
Whether you’re nineteen, twenty two, twenty six, or forty.
Hold on to sixteen for at least a moment.
We have all of our life to catch up.

Jakarta, 8.45 pm.
As stupid as it may sound, thank you, Glee.


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