Fall in love, even for the hundredth time.

Fall in love, for all the good reasons, for all the impulsive ones, or for no reasons at all.
Fall in love, just to take a chance on new things.
Fall in love, because even when it doesn’t work out, you’ll still get something.
Because even when things don’t go as you wish, you still get a chance to learn.
To realize what you’re worth.
To see what you want in a companion, or at least what you don’t want.
And to finally be able to understand what Madonna means by “don’t go for second best, baby.”
Because even if you end up with your unrequited feeling in the end, you know that it’s not a total loss at all.
Because you might’ve found other kinds of love.
A love for a new set of people.
A love for a dream job.
A passion that you’ve never regarded as a real thing.
A new perspective to see the world.
Because if it’s not for falling in love,
You might forget what it feels like to want something,
What it feels like to have butterflies in your tummy,
What it feels like to try,
What it feels like to be able to let go.
Because if it’s not for falling in love,
You might forget to appreciate the happiness simple things can bring,
Like a short call just to make sure that you’re safe and sound,
Like a good luck shout out when you’re going crazy with approaching deadlines,
Like a simple ‘good job’ on your work.
Fall in love, even if it’s for the hundredth time,
Or for the very first time.
Because who knows,
Maybe it’s another life lesson to make you wiser.
Maybe it’s just another journey you have to take
Or maybe, just maybe,
Somehow things will turn out great this time.
(Et pour toi, oui toi avec les lunettes très chic, je te remercie. À la prochaine!)

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