I Miss You.

I miss writing.

And yes, I know it doesnt make sense, knowing that I’m currently working in a news portal which, of course, makes writing an inevitable part of my daily life.
But yeah, I do miss writing.
I miss scribbling over random notes. I miss noticing all the simple yet striking things then turning them into enticing series of words. Maybe I just miss having time to contemplate over mundane things we usually take for granted.
I miss having existential debate on my head over a cup of coffee. I miss talking to people about big things and big dreams, not about real things like jobs or thesis. I miss thinking about the underlying meaning of elementary occurences.
Writing is fun. The excitement of having a sudden idea popping in this small head of mine meeting the agony of finding the perfect thesaurus worthy wordings makes it fun. Re-reading those silly sentences is fun.
Oh well.
“Kalau ngga dipaksa, ngga akan jalan” is probably true. And quoting my motto on almost everything (yes, including on social life),”it’s not about having time, its’s about making time”, maybe I should just make time.

Laters, baby.

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