Letters to July: Unsent adieu

July 9, 2015

Oh, hi. Time is ticking and I guess it’s finally time to say goodbye. As I am not good at saying things, I’d just do what I do best —putting my thoughts into written words and unsent notes.

These past months have been so intense, with all the workload, expectations, and the many brouhahas. There were days where things got overwhelming and it felt that I just dont have enough hours each day just to breathe and chill. But then again, there are always reasons to keep me coming back for more. There’s always a reason to stay —the friendship, the trust, the encouraging words, and even the sense that I might be in the middle of doing something good. It’s a love/hate relationship, but it was love most of the time.

Yes, I’ve fallen in love in this short period of time.

Last time, falling in love was a slow but steady process. I stayed for months and eventually fell for the routine and the comfort. Falling in love this time was a fast one instead. It was like the kind of passionate love you never knew you needed —the one that consumes you and leaves you breathless, but you wouldnt have it any other way.

The very first talk we had made me believe in what we’re trying to do and most of all, it made me believe in myself. It gave me the courage to jump from my comfort zone, to take the leap of faith and be here.

It hasn’t been long and we haven’t spent much time together, but I could not thank you enough for the warm welcome, the kind words, and for believing that I can do something good. Thank you for your support and trust in me.

Thank you for making me believe in human kindness again and for making me brave enough to stand for what I believe in when people scolded me for doing so.

I’ve learned a lot, gained so much, and got a lot of life lessons from our short time together.

Thank you for everything. I hope everything will be well and you’ll find a suitable replacement soon, just don’t forget me too soon, pretty please?

And as Maria said in Jet’s farewell note, no good bye is permanent. So, ’til I see you!




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