Letters to July: History

July 12, 2015

Dear July,

I guess history repeats itself. You’ve put me in this position thrice and each time I said to myself, “this time it should be different than the last time.” But then again, it’s either history repeats itself or this girl just doesn’t learn.

Soon you will go, as fast as you came. We’re almost halfway of our journey and I haven’t been complacent with what I gained in you. I have been trying to reconstruct myself and I know, there’s still a long way to go. Soon you will go and so will I. I have to bring the work in progress to a different place and a different phase.

July, I hope you will be enough for me to find out what I want and what’s best for me. I hope you teach me enough to compromise and be patient so I can be a better human being in the future. I hope you bring me closer to people that need me, to those who I need to understand, and to those who love me unconditionally. I hope you throw more of those whose lives intertwine with mine, not only now, but also for the long run.

It’s been an emotional ride, my dear July. I’m still floating in my insecurities, my fragile feelings, and my hopes. I’m still longing for, clinging to the same thing, the same people. My story keeps repeating itself, but I guess this time I’d be more prepared.

But thank you for being here, dear July.

With love,



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